Behind the Camera

Hello. I’m Keith Hughes of Altered Photography.

The love for photography started when I was ten years old. I had gotten my hands on a Kodak disposable and quickly found myself capturing images of everything and anything that caught my eye. It had a distinct and satisfying clicking sound when you took a photo, imprinting onto film a snapshot of time. That sound inspired what was to come when a few years later I purchased my first professional-grade equipment, and I haven’t looked back since!
Altered Photography specializes in landscape, portrait and product photography. Excelling in Photo Editing, in which we bring new dimensions to your moments—everything from basic editing to full-on embellishment.

Photography for us is about capturing people on film feeling comfortable and genuinely open, and painting a picture of that moment to remember forever, immortalizing that which matters most: real people, real stories, real moments.

Let us capture your snapshot of time!

Tell Your Story With More than Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we wholeheartedly agree! Bring your story alive with stunning imagery and innovative Photo Editing with Altered Photography.

Portrait Photos that Speak from the Heart

Altered Photography specializes in capturing life’s most important moments, events and surprises.
Each photograph treated with special attention and finished with our Photo Editing Services.

Take Your Project to
the Next Level

Whether you are in need of eye-catching
product images or require visually stimulating
landscape imagery to complete your project,
Altered Photography has you covered.

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